Friday 13 December 2013

Working to find love

The self motivating techniques you use to achieve your goals doesn't have to end just in the gym the principle of self motivation can transcend into looking for love. When self motivating your self the small talks you give your self that tell you, you will succeed can be used when approaching the opposite sex. Similarly to the doubtful talks you mind gives you when you think you can't do a certain distance running or the last push in a press up and you motivate your self and tell your self you will achieve your goal is exactly what is needed to approach the opposite sex to whom you are attracted to.  And even if your aren't successful the fact that you tried and put yourself out there will be enough of a confidence boost to tell your self you've done it once you can do it again and not let one failure bring you down.

Wednesday 11 December 2013

You ain't got nothing to prove to no one!

One of the biggest problems in day to day life, is people putting other people's opinions of themselves before there own actual opinions. Which leads to lack of self confidence as you care more of what other people think of yourself  instead of putting yourself first. Such as not speaking up because you care about how you'll look if your wrong, or wanting to voice your opinion but you wait for someone else to voice their opinion so you get some sort of confidence boost or situation a lot of people find themselves in whereby they think I can't get that car even tho it fits my budget perfectly but isn't as appealing but I'll get the more expensive car which I can buy but can't afford but people will think my car looks nice despite the fact that I can't afford it, but it will prove that I have money . 

This inner lack of self confidence can transcend into your fitness as some people will put back there work out session because they haven't got the latest pair of running shoes or there trousers are ripped or  "I can't go jogging there everyone will look at me" people care so much as to what other people think of themselves that they go to the gym just to take a picture of themselves to place on a social network site to show that they are working out and prove they go gym,were males will flex there muscles and women apply make-up just to look good in the eyes of someone they don't even know and not reach there potential. The whole point to emphasise is that you need to put yourself first and care less about what people think of you as people will always have opinions on you regardless of what you do and if you live your life based on opinions you live there life not your own. So the next time your go out jogging try something you wouldn't normally do form small steps to big steps such as wearing a old outfit to boost your confidence that you wouldn't usually wear not a false sense of confidence like running down the street naked or going parachuting to say that your now confident. But build and unblock your true confidence step by step then approach someone you've seen a lot in the gym or in the park this will even transcend into your work place or university  where by opportunities may open to you because your more confident when making presentations for example. So try something different to boost your confidence that you yourself can see as it's all about you.

Because fighting a battle to prove something, is a endless battle.

Tuesday 10 December 2013

I'm starting with the man in the mirror

When at home doing a work out a useful tip is looking at yourself in the mirror and firstly getting comfortable with you body and look at your self and what you want to improve whether you want a sculpted chest,arms,abs,waist or all of that. Also creating a goal of were you want your body to be and were your going tone. Using a mirror allows you to see  the progress your making literally and you'll see what exercise has the best impact on the specific area you desire.

So step up to the mirror and achieve your goal.

Sunday 8 December 2013

You don't have to go to the gym

To get in shape or have a healthier life style doesn't necessarily mean you have to go to the gym even tho there are some advantages such as meeting people with inspiring stories to motivate you, clubs to join to make your  excerises more fun and general socialising,however there are some disadvantages such as it can be expensive and some gyms are further away form your home so it's difficult to reach or you may feel uncomfortable working out in front of others,who you may feel are in better shape then you. These can be over come by working out at home as the there are numerous exercises that can shape your body, as strength is the ability to lift your own body weight which is why a lot of boxers do push ups and press ups and skipping,as you need to be able to handle you own body weight as if you loose your step you can regain your self because you can handle your own body weight.  Also at home you are in your comfort zone can play music that will help you exercise, to make you more motivated. Furthermore from your home you can wear less clothing that makes you more comfortable as the less clothing you wear the more oxygen that can get to your body and creates less restriction.

Saturday 7 December 2013

Let your skin breath

 Like everywhere else on your body, your skin needs oxygen and clothes can restrict the oxygen getting to your body. Just like if a person laid on there bed for a considerable amount of time they would get bed sores, due to the lack of oxygen getting to your body, similarly to the reason why your nails grow back and hair on your head so quickly because they have constant access to oxygen, so when working out dress more freely and allow the oxygen to do its work.

Sunday 6 October 2013

For men only

A lot of fashion has taken into effect amongst men, and men are becoming more in touch with their feminine side which is good as men are becoming more understanding and affectionate toward there women and becoming more comfortable in their own skin. 

However it’s important for men to remember their male attributes and the balance between the male and female and the high masculine spirit of the male and him being a protector not trying to enforce a life style or a concept onto someone but being aware the difference in human anatomy in males and females is important. Fashion accessories such as the skinny jeans has become a recent trend amongst men but it important to be aware that these tight clothing can cause restriction on the male genitals and cause chafing and cause rashes, urinary infection due to the trousers being so close to such as sensitive area, also when washing clothes a lot of the washing detergent contains a lot of unnatural chemicals which can cause a allergic reactions, moreover the testicals need space for the blood to flow to them and it's recommend that skinny jeans and tight clothing is not used for a male trying to conceive a child with his partner as it can cause pressure on the testicals and nerve damage. So express your fashion tastefully but be aware of your strong masculinity and your body.

Saturday 5 October 2013

For women only

Due to a lot of fashion changes in recent years some women have started to wear a variety of clothing such as a lot of trousers that are slim fitted or leggings that compliment there body, not to say you shouldn’t wear a certain clothing epically if you want to feel attractive or have sculpted your body to a desired way or saying that women don’t have the right to wear what they want or that women have to dress a certain way this isn't the point thats being addressed but it’s important to be aware of your body and the natural process.

The womb and vagina need oxygen and sun light to keep it healthy and rejuvenated and a lot of women wear slim fit jeans that can limit them making the feel confined and limited which can make them feel agitated or angry or hot and uncomfortable as the saying goes “what’s got your knickers in a twist” or “what’s got your panties in a bunch” this staying can derive from the clothing you wear can be constrictive and pull you down literally, so it’s important to wear a dress from time to time to embrace your femininity and be proud of your body help to create a natural flow similar to when you get home you wear less clothing as you feel more comfortable that way. 

Also some cases of wearing slim fit trousers can cause thrush or chafing and vaginal discharge due to the lack of oxygen and the rubbing of the clothing on your skin. Furthermore when wearing these slim fit jeans that have been washed, a lot the time the washing detergent people use contain a lot of unnatural chemicals that cause, a variety of reactions such as urinary infection, thrush, vaginal discharge and a variety of infections due to the chemicals being so close to the vagina. Moreover even some tampons and pads are laced with unnatural fragrances that again react to the vagina and cause allergic reactions for females as it’s such a sensitive area.  So try to wear a dress and embrace your divine feminine energy and allow yourself to blossom as beautiful women through wearing a dress and try pay attention to the colours you wear, as different colours carry a vibrational frequency which can make you feel joyful and energetic and beautiful. So appreciate yourself for what you truly are, an astonishing women.

Be Creative

There are two sides of the brain the right side of the brain and the left side of the brain, the left side of the brain is in charge of structure, order, logic, reason and formulas  whereas the right side of the brain is in charge of creativity, passion, laughter, joy and boundless imagination. 

Most people use the left side of the brain due to the high usage of it in the education system, were you are taught to remember something then use that knowledge in a exam to see how well you have remembered, which can have a positive effect such as increasing your memory but a low use of the right side of the brain can be detrimental.  You should always try to use both sides of the brain in day to day life this can be also used in working out. As some people use either the left or the right side of the brain when working out for example they will say I’m going to do 10 sit ups which is the left side of the brain due to the structure, or some will say I’m going to be creative and try do as much as possible until i get tired, which is the right side of the brain; both in all can be effective but using both side of the brain can be even more effective.

A lot of the music today is catered to create dopamine in the body, dopamine creates a “feel good” type feeling which you can exploite into your work out. So be creative put on your favourite song, and work out to it, even plan to finish your work out until  the end of the song as generally a song is between 3-5 minutes in length so using the right side of your brain, you have thought of a creative way to do sit ups for example because of the increase of dopamine from the music or doing sit ups each time the beat drops but the left side of the brain believes there is a formula and is going to continue to push you until the end of the song. But the result is that you can do more than you have ever done.  So be creative try different things that work for you, and remember the creativity is limitless.


Hybrid food is food that is artificially created by  putting two or more things together this is used in agriculture to  help speed up the process of plant life by fusing with one or more plants to make more plants or increase the output in plant life or even to stop a plant having a characteristic such as removing the seed and making it become seedless. You should aim to avoid hybrids,as its not the natural process and therefore the plant is not 100% natural, here is a list of hybrids and and some alternatives.

Hybrids and alternatives

Lemon- Lime or key limes with seeds

White Flour- Spelt Flour

Seedless grapes- Seeded Grapes

Pineapple- Soursop

Tea- Morenga Tea, Camolie Tea, Lemon Grass Tea Ginger tea 

Carrot- Purple Carrot

White sugar- Maple crystal, agave nectar, maple syrup  


Sugar is not the enemy

Sugar or sweet things is seen as a, food that a person who wants to stay healthy has to avoid and people who want to have healthy diet or lifestyle can’t have anything sweet or tasty which is completely false, the problem is eating the wrong sugars. 

There are two types of sugars, sugars that are high glycemic and low glycemic, high glycemic is food that breaks down quickly during digestion and releases glucose rapidly into the bloodstream where as low glycemic sugars break down slowly, and release glucose slowly to maintain you throughout the day. 

The biggest problem is people eat high glycemic food which raises blood pressure, if the glucose is not used it turns into fat and can cause heart problems. So just from switching to alternative sugars with low glycemic levels can help you.

High glycemic foods are food such as white rice, potatoes, white sugar (which is sugar that is bleached and striped of nutrients) brown sugar (which is a lot of the time white sugar that is coated in caramelised sugar).

Low glycemic food consists of alternative sugars such as agave nectar (not agave syrup), maple syrup, fruits that are non hybrid and maple crystals.

So try making a change to alternative sugars and decreasing the high glycemic sugars and replacing with low glycemic sugars.

Don't be too hard on yourself

Sometimes in life there is rough patches were you feel stressed or overwhelmed and fall into negative patterns that you previously moved on from or old habits you tried to break but went back into them. 

Such as if your plan was to avoid eating meat or plan to work out three times a week etc, and you didn’t meet your targets, this is perfectly normal as we are all humans and we make mistakes. But you have to be able to talk to yourself to motivate yourself to do better and move forward from your mistakes, and not be too hard on yourself, as some people make the mistake and fall into a addiction of a certain type of  sadness or ask someone for advice on a matter they already know the answer to, or tell yourself you’re not worth it or cant do it, so be your own shoulder to lean on and motivate yourself to do better and put the mistake behind you and only move forward. 

As who can give you better advice on yourself then you’re self?  So learn from the past but don’t dwell on it too much and move forward and reach your goal as its all a learning process that you will constantly have to build on.

Subtle Significances

When making a change in your diet or lifestyle there is a lot of unnecessary stresses people go through, which really doesn’t need to be the case. Some people see change as a really big thing that must take place to obtain a goal  and they have to come out of there cycle and its long or difficult when this is completely untrue, just the small changes can be made to make a big difference. For example when changing your diet it’s the subtle changes that have a great significance, such as just changing from eating a lime instead of a lemon as a lemon is a hybrid, or even change from drinking concentrate fruit juices to not from concentrate fruit juices then from juices to increasing your daily intake of water. Then slowly but surely you will realise your body only wants the best for you,  it does not  want hybrids or artificial juices etc it only wants natural foods and once it has experienced natural food then goes to back unnatural food your body will reject it, you your self will taste the difference and appreciate the value of natural food in comparison to the artificial or junk food you once enjoyed. 

This subtle significance also implies to working out such as starting up jogging only for 10 minutes to run around your local park, at first you may think that I can’t run for long and again tell yourself negative things before you have even begun jogging, avoid this by all means; tell yourself “I AM GOING TO COMPLETE MY JOG” not "might" or "ill try" use positive words to motivate yourself this applies to other life factors as well.

 Then again slowly and surely you will fall into patterns you will want to jog and when you don’t jog you may feel like you have to much energy, then you will realise the pain of jogging wasn’t what you thought,you will realise your legs naturally want to be used excessively, after a jog your mind state will be refreshed you will feel like you can do more around the house, or at work as your thoughts are more organised instead of cluttered as the mind and body need to be stimulated. So try some subtle significance and see how it works for you.

Thursday 19 September 2013

Control your breathing

Breathing is a key aspect when trying to reach your best results when training and because breathing is due to the lungs movement a involuntary process most people fall into breathing patterns. This involuntary process can tho become voluntary due to controlling your breathing techniques.

A lot of people don't use the full capacity of there lungs when working out and fall into a variety of breathing patterns such as taking in deep breaths then breathing even harder out when running for example, or holding there breath and get angry to do more press ups or a pull ups or bench press's.

This can have a negative effect on desired results or not allow you to reach your potential so developing breathing techniques is a way to do so. 

Oxygen is needed for you cells to respire and for energy and when we breath in we breath in oxygen and breath out carbon dioxide (waste) so when excerising control your breathing. Breath in through your mouth (as this is the biggest air passage) as much as possible then out through your nose which is smaller keeping in the oxygen that you need and only getting rid of the waste not waste and oxygen. Use this same technique when pushing yourself to your limit, for example when doing a push up instead of holding your breath and getting angry breath in on the push up then out on the push down so your breathing should match your movement.

Practice this technique at home then slowly but surely implement it into your training and you should see some results.


 In this section I'll talk about regular bowel movement, but as it's a uncomfortable subject for some ill refer to it as pooping to make it sound a bit more pleasant. Every been to the doctor and they ask "you do you have regular bowl movement?" and wondered why do they ask you that. Regular bowel movement is essential as it gets rid of the energy that has been used up and the waste material not needed. Also food that takes more than 8 hours to digest is generally bad for you and begins to clump and clog in your body which is how a variety of illnesses are formed because there is waste in your body that has not passed through and still lingers. And when there is waste product left in your body this becomes destructive and toxic which can lead to illnesses, such as erectile distinction in males, lowered body temperature and cramps for females.

Relaxing when pooping,most people rush there poop as they are not relaxed and are in a rush to go work or are busy or are overthinking about daily stresses. So being calm and relax is essential to remove all waste in body to get ready for more nutrients.

Thursday 12 September 2013

A Protein Alternative

Most people think that to get big or gain muscle you must eat lots of meat or as they say protein, if thats the case ask yourself how is the cow so big when all he eats is grass or how is the elephant so big when all he eats is grass. Some may say thats how they were made or thats how God made them, whatever be the case one thing to mention is that meat is a dead animal which means that all of its nutrients if not all have also died with it,so as spoken of before if its dead means low amount of oxygen and oxygen being one of the fundamental compound the body needs a lack of this means it can clock the body up which can lead to tumour,heart disease,and a weakened immune system.

One alternative to protein is Spirulina which is an alkaline blue-green algea which can come in a variety of forms such as powder, tablets and in its natural state which can be added to soups drinks and teas and is consumed in over 70 counties in the world and is high in vitamins and minerals and most importantly oxygen, some may think because there use to eating large quantities of meat or dairy products that to switch to a protein alternative may not have the correct effects needed, when in fact spirulina has 300% more protein than fish meat and diary which is why only a small amount is needed to have substantial effects.

So one thing to try for people who want a high protein diet is Spirulina

Selling Your Self A Dream

As spoken about before words can have a tremendous effect on the mind, this again is a great technique that can be applied to do more, and push your self, such as when your doing press ups or squats or any form of excerise that involves counting to see how much you have done. Counting up in smaller more manageable numbers is a way doing more then you actually are, which simplifying things. What i mean by this is say for example you want to do 20 squats counting up going from 1,2,3,4,5,6,7  all the way to 20 requires more concentration from the mind and body,where as going up in smaller numbers like 1,2,3,4,5 (5) 1,2,3,4,5 (10) until 20 seems to have more of a simple effect on the mind as it seems more basic and more manageable simliar to the way you simplify things when you learning a new language.

So sell yourself a dream sometimes do get your results

Get A Buddie

A lot of the time your friends can be the biggest blessing for you as they can lift you up when your feeling low and be a form of verbal energy, such as a time when your friend can say that one trigger word that can make you smile and be happy when you were border line of giving up.

This friend can be utilised in reaching an acquired goal as you can motivate each other to do better and if one is feeling down you can motivate each other and vice versa, so finding a buddie is a great way of getting into shape as you can work on each other as you know each other very well and know what makes each other tick. So next time you want to go for a jog link up with a friend and both get fit together instead of feeling lonely be successful together. This use of team work creates a sense of competition not the type of competition were by you are jealous or hate or envy each other but the type of competition to make each other want to achieve more and pushing each other to do better and being there for each other when your begin to feel exhausted to verbally motivate each other. Furthermore having a buddie can make you share tips with one another, for example if you created a formula to do more press ups share this knowledge with your buddie and you both build each other up.

The house, stress and the sun

The majority of peoples have a daily routine that they continue to abide to consistently, this can be good as it gives you a structure to your day, allows you to be organised and so forth. However most people structure consists of being in doors whether it’s going to school, college, university or work. So when it comes to working out or going to the gym some may feel tired or stressed out and not feel like they are in the mood to get out.

When we eat, some of the cholesterol is stored into are skin then when the sun UVB rays grace your skin this cholesterol is then modified and converted into vitamin d3 where it then travels to the liver where it is again converted to calcidiol, then sent to the kidney which is then biologically activated to calcitriol. This activated calcitriol (vitamin d) works to absorb calcium in are food for bone growth and strength very similar to the way plants need sun for growth.

Leptin is a protein hormone that plays a key role in regulating energy intake, which includes appetite and metabolism, which is one of the benefits of calcium from this vitamin d intake process which has just been spoken about, when the leptin is created the body feels sustained and full of energy which can lead to weight loss, which is why when you go on holiday to a country with a higher climate you eat less because your getting enough energy from the sun. Without vitamin d from the sun this can cause diseases such as osteoporosis and lower your immune system and can cause heart disease and depression.

Studies have shown that being in nature can have a mental and physical effect on the body; brains in nature are seen to have more activity in stability, energy, empathy and love maybe due to the circular state and openness of nature where by a individual may feel limitless. Where as man made structures are designed in a box format, which studies have shown to create brain activity associated with fear and stress due to the confined state, as the saying goes “think out side the box” this can apply to your work out, as sometimes you may feel like you have no energy because your at home or been at work all day indoor and your thoughts may be confined and the feeling of stress can overwhelm you, and being indoors in a box makes you feel like you have no energy but as soon as you leave your house, the feeling of more energy appears before you because, you are outdoors in a circular place and fresh air and sun which can help benefit you similar to when people get stressed and go for a walk.

So get out the house and instead of going to the gym to use the treadmill actually run in the park and get some vitamin d to again assist with weight loss or achieving the desired out come that you want.

Tuesday 10 September 2013

Being happy and words

One fundamental aspect of dieting and a healthy diet and balance is being happy. Which is overlooked by so much people as they see it as a choir or something unpleasant they want to get out of the way.

So being happy is something that must be taken into account and enjoying yourself,as the body as 7 chakras and if they are not activated because of being unhappy the body can't function to 100 percent of its full potential which is why you see so much people at the gym who are working out or people who are eating healthily but appear to look depressed, or look physically fit but there eyes bare the symptoms of someone really stressed . So being happy is key especially with using the correct words for example when people work out they may say "I need to get my work out, out of the way" which makes it an ordeal rather than a pleasure.

So utilise the power of your words to make yourself more happy allowing yourself to move forward avoiding negative words that may set your back and feel negative about your self. Most importantly love yourself and make yourself believe your are gonna become a better person and achieve your goals.


Another reason why bottled alkaline water is recommend is that some tap waters contains sodium fluoride which is known to have negative effects such as premature ageing weakening off bones weakening of dental health and the calcifying of the pineal gland (also known as the third eye)

A recommend alkaline water is : High land spring water and here are some of the mineral also in the water.

Alkebulan also known as Kush or Etophia (Africa)

The food that grows in Africa naturally (that are not hybrids) are all alkaline based so there for are diet must also be alkaline as this is the continent of the origin of man and the food that man ate. Where as the food most common that people consume are acidic such as chicken, potatoes, white rice, these acidic foods as again stated are low in oxygen or completely lack it which is why when most people eat this acidic food they feel bloated and tired due to the lack of oxygen which is the complete opposite way you should feel when you eat food, because the reason why we eat is for energy so we should feel revitalised and full of energy not the opposite.

Dont Fight Carbs. EAT THE RIGHT CARBS!

Most people believe that all carbs are the foods that make you put on weight or get fat which is completely wrong, generally those carbs people are referring to are synthetic or a hybrid of plants such as wheat or malt which are not a natural form of carbohydrates. Carbohydrates are molecules containing carbon, hydrogen, and oxygen which are then broken down to small molecules call glucose which is the main food source that are body needs, as EVERY SYSTEM IN OUR BODY runs on glucose and any glucose that is not used is transferred into glycogen and stored in the liver and muscle. So a diet absent of carbs will cause some people to feel tired or sick.

These  carbohydrates that people refer to are generally acidic and high in starch which are low in oxygen and when these carbohydrates are not used they begin to clog the body and the starch from the acidic carbohydrates begin to cause mucus to build up causing diseases due to lack of oxygen.

Spelt is a grain which is a more alkaline based  which can be used to make spelt pasta,spelt bread pizza bases and bagels etc is a form of alternative carbohydrate so avoiding carbohydrates is not something that has to be done, its avoiding the wrong carbohydrates which must be done. I will talk about more alternative carbohydrates as well as more delicious recipes later.

More on spelt:

Water And Its Wonders

Since are bodies are 70 percent water then a abundance of water is essential for are body, when choosing water spring water is a recommended option as it is generally alkaline based which will help to support skin replenishment, making skin appear younger and less puffy, help with joints, help blood to transport oxygen.  The alkalinity of the water can be seen on most packages of bottled water, anything above 7.6ph is recommend.

Generally you should try to consume about 4 litres of water a day minimum, this may seem like a vast amount of water but if you consider your size and the amount of water you consume you will realise that four litres throughout the whole day is not as much water as you think. If you struggle to consume a lot of water taking it slowly throughout the day consuming a couple litres every couple of hours than each week increasing the amount of litres of water you consume and you will realise that each time your body craves more and more water and see how much water your body needs to function properly.

Most people bare the symptoms of dehydration because they don't drink enough water such as tiredness  dizziness and headaches and take medication to counter act this symptoms oblivious to the fact that it may be that the body is not getting enough water.

Some people feel like water is bland and bares no taste due there mass consumption of sugar drinks, milk, coffee or tea but try to drink only water for just one week, and see the difference you have and if you still crave these sugary drinks or will you find the wonders in water.

Ph Level Of Our Foods And Body

Ph which stands for the potential of hydrogen, is a measure of the acidity or alkalinity of a solution. The ph of any solution is the measure of its hydrogen-ion concentration. The ratio between positively charged ions (acid forming) and negatively charged ions (alkaline forming). The ph range is from 0-14 with 7.0 being neutral. Anything above 7.0 is alkaline, anything below 7.0 is considered acidic.

Blood is the most important element in are bodies and the optimal ph for are blood to function properly is between 7.35-7.45 which on the ph scale is in the neutral area (green),  which tells us that the body wants food that are generally alkaline based to support this alkalinity. The more alkaline based the food is, the better are bodies can function and the more acidic the food, will result in are bodies struggling to function as below 6.8ph or above 7.8ph the blood cells stop functioning correctly so keeping this ph balance is vital for the natural state.

Research has shown when the body is in a more alkaline state it promotes proper cell functioning, healthy tissues and blood to flow through the body easily. The lower the ph reading, the more acidic and oxygen deprived the fluid is. The higher the ph reading, the more alkaline and rich in oxygen the fluid is.

Monday 9 September 2013

Being in tune with the earth.

The earth is 70 percent water (sea,rivers) and 30 percent mass (earth,land)and so are, are bodies 70 percent water (blood,fluids) and 30 percent mass (bone, organs) so therefore are diets must also entail that balance. Being 70 percent water (vegetables livings foods) 30 mass (wild rice quinoa spelt pasta.) So you should generally try to eat in that way, because usually the food people eat is the exact opposite 70 percent mass (chicken potato meat dead food)  and percent water (living food salad). So being in-tune with the earth is vital.

Words And There Powers

One of the strongest tools we have is are words, as the saying goes words are a mans/womens most powerful tool, so with this phrase you must incorporate it into your life. As most people when starting to diet they don't realise their own power of their own words and what it does to their mind and body.

For example when someone starts a diet they almost feel like its a choir or say it reluctantly saying "ahh next week I'm going on a diet" this use of negative words automatically tells the brain that this not going to be enjoyable experience destroying yourself similar to  a self destruct button. So carefully pick your words as they are a very powerful tool when considering a change of diet; instead of using negative words start by saying "I'm going to Enjoy! my diet next week and the changes I'm going to make and the targets I will achieve. These subtle words may sound insignificant, but have a dramatic affect on the mind as there is no doubt use of phrases such as "will achieve "have a more uplifting feel and that its going to happen not might or maybe it will happen and your goal will be achieved mind over matter.

Bloom Buddie

I decided to make this blogs as I was tired of talking and being a walking contradiction saying to people to actually put there ideas into action, so I listened to my own advice and decided to make a blog on health and general well being to help people bloom to there desired state of well being. Throughout this blog I will use a variety of techniques that have worked for me and hopefully work for you, there may be techniques that work for you and some that dont. However on thing that I will guarantee is there will be something that you can apply into your day to day life and help you become a better person in your desired field.