Thursday 12 September 2013

The house, stress and the sun

The majority of peoples have a daily routine that they continue to abide to consistently, this can be good as it gives you a structure to your day, allows you to be organised and so forth. However most people structure consists of being in doors whether it’s going to school, college, university or work. So when it comes to working out or going to the gym some may feel tired or stressed out and not feel like they are in the mood to get out.

When we eat, some of the cholesterol is stored into are skin then when the sun UVB rays grace your skin this cholesterol is then modified and converted into vitamin d3 where it then travels to the liver where it is again converted to calcidiol, then sent to the kidney which is then biologically activated to calcitriol. This activated calcitriol (vitamin d) works to absorb calcium in are food for bone growth and strength very similar to the way plants need sun for growth.

Leptin is a protein hormone that plays a key role in regulating energy intake, which includes appetite and metabolism, which is one of the benefits of calcium from this vitamin d intake process which has just been spoken about, when the leptin is created the body feels sustained and full of energy which can lead to weight loss, which is why when you go on holiday to a country with a higher climate you eat less because your getting enough energy from the sun. Without vitamin d from the sun this can cause diseases such as osteoporosis and lower your immune system and can cause heart disease and depression.

Studies have shown that being in nature can have a mental and physical effect on the body; brains in nature are seen to have more activity in stability, energy, empathy and love maybe due to the circular state and openness of nature where by a individual may feel limitless. Where as man made structures are designed in a box format, which studies have shown to create brain activity associated with fear and stress due to the confined state, as the saying goes “think out side the box” this can apply to your work out, as sometimes you may feel like you have no energy because your at home or been at work all day indoor and your thoughts may be confined and the feeling of stress can overwhelm you, and being indoors in a box makes you feel like you have no energy but as soon as you leave your house, the feeling of more energy appears before you because, you are outdoors in a circular place and fresh air and sun which can help benefit you similar to when people get stressed and go for a walk.

So get out the house and instead of going to the gym to use the treadmill actually run in the park and get some vitamin d to again assist with weight loss or achieving the desired out come that you want.

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