Tuesday 10 September 2013

Being happy and words

One fundamental aspect of dieting and a healthy diet and balance is being happy. Which is overlooked by so much people as they see it as a choir or something unpleasant they want to get out of the way.

So being happy is something that must be taken into account and enjoying yourself,as the body as 7 chakras and if they are not activated because of being unhappy the body can't function to 100 percent of its full potential which is why you see so much people at the gym who are working out or people who are eating healthily but appear to look depressed, or look physically fit but there eyes bare the symptoms of someone really stressed . So being happy is key especially with using the correct words for example when people work out they may say "I need to get my work out, out of the way" which makes it an ordeal rather than a pleasure.

So utilise the power of your words to make yourself more happy allowing yourself to move forward avoiding negative words that may set your back and feel negative about your self. Most importantly love yourself and make yourself believe your are gonna become a better person and achieve your goals.

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