Tuesday 10 September 2013

Water And Its Wonders

Since are bodies are 70 percent water then a abundance of water is essential for are body, when choosing water spring water is a recommended option as it is generally alkaline based which will help to support skin replenishment, making skin appear younger and less puffy, help with joints, help blood to transport oxygen.  The alkalinity of the water can be seen on most packages of bottled water, anything above 7.6ph is recommend.

Generally you should try to consume about 4 litres of water a day minimum, this may seem like a vast amount of water but if you consider your size and the amount of water you consume you will realise that four litres throughout the whole day is not as much water as you think. If you struggle to consume a lot of water taking it slowly throughout the day consuming a couple litres every couple of hours than each week increasing the amount of litres of water you consume and you will realise that each time your body craves more and more water and see how much water your body needs to function properly.

Most people bare the symptoms of dehydration because they don't drink enough water such as tiredness  dizziness and headaches and take medication to counter act this symptoms oblivious to the fact that it may be that the body is not getting enough water.

Some people feel like water is bland and bares no taste due there mass consumption of sugar drinks, milk, coffee or tea but try to drink only water for just one week, and see the difference you have and if you still crave these sugary drinks or will you find the wonders in water.

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