Thursday 28 September 2017

Get Creative and Cure yourself

I wrote this post due to my frustration of so called healers, holistic herbalist, or whichever title they deem to classify themselves as, as most people yearn to have a title however not everyone is a suitable candidate for this title. The role of healing is a natural process and most healers charge for healing or are full of healing metaphors and never tell you which herb is for which disease you suffer from, similar to a herbal pyramid scheme, keeping you constantly in the loop of never knowing how to address what herbs deal with each disease (I say disease reluctantly). It’s understandable that in this commerce society we live in, a fee has to be placed down for providing you with a herb or advice for both (in my experience) this is due for legal reasons and for the fact that most people have been through an experience where they tried to give away for free (do a good deed) and something happened that lead them to now charge (i.e. statements from someone close to you saying “People don’t appreciate free products”, “People will think there is a catch if its free”” “If your good at something never do it for free”, however this natural process has to be a natural as possible and healing and charging for monetary gain is completely unnatural. Since money effects the healing process you must get as creative as possible, in addressing disease as disease can’t flourish in a relaxed, happy, alkaline, pure (childlike state) so get creative. As the monetary fee only causes additional stress as most people carry an attachment to their money as they have worked hard for it, as money is somewhat unnatural it becomes quite somewhat ironic to charge to heal, so get creative and do it yourself. I’ve used metaphors and some real-life stories I’ve heard either from people I’ve brushed shoulders with, herbalist videos I’ve watched, friends experience even people I’ve just walked passed and overheard and started a conversation with to address diseases and detailed as much as possible on how to eradicated the disease. Cyst A cyst can come in many forms and effect a variety of areas on the body for a cyst contains calcium carbonate (mucus which has hardened) so again you have to get childish and creative to aid this cyst and really make sense of what has happened, so if I told you, that something on your body has hardened, what do you have to do to cure it? MAKE IT SOFT! So, the key is first to relax, find a playlist or a song you like that makes your happy and completely relaxed,set your mind to saying “I’m going to rid myself of this disease” turn of your phone dedicate sometime to deal with this, see the cyst as hardened mucus that would have softened and disappeared if you were in a natural state, such as eating correctly eating natural food not just stimulants, not rushing to work, having a stressful mind due to an issue you have held a grudge over, a mental poison which you have not forgiven such as the death of a loved one, someone who has hurt you or taken advantage of your kindness this has not allowed, your ailment to heal or even down to the fact that when you shower do you really give time to get your entire body warm and relaxed or is there a rush to get somewhere, retrace your footsteps and your morning routine and ritual to see how can I make it more relaxed (I digress but back to the issue of cyst). The cyst can form in area which make you uncomfortable or self-conscious, so relax and reduce the tension, you are feeling as you may feel insecure and unhappy about having a cyst on your body just know you can get rid of it yourself, no one knows your body better that yourself you have been the only one inhabiting it. STEP 1: Warm the body up have a bath ideally, so your bodies pores are open making sure your head and feet are warm so the body is entirely at about 37 degrees (but not so hot that you feel like passing out) also bare in mind the water your using is not going to be the best water, if you’re in a city etc so again get creative (childlike) add herbs to the bath such as sage and lavender to give a more organic pure feeling as your body absorbs everything that it touches. STEP 2: Take some tea tree oil (a quality pure ideally organic tea tree oil) and place a healthy amount on cotton pad and place on the cyst keep it wet and moist ideally do this before going to bed so you’re not stressing over work or friendships relationship problems etc. You’re just making yourself happy and getting rid of the cyst complete relaxation. Keep moist for 24-48 hours then you can simply remove the tea tree oil (You want to do this on a weekend for those of you who are working as you want to be completely stress free, in a state of relaxation, turn off phones and tv completely relax yourself. STEP 3: Remove the cotton pad and there should be a softer cyst there may be some slight dryness or even some discomfort this is perfectly normal as the tea tree can be quite abrasive and cause some redness but this is just how it heals. STEP 4: Have a bath again and warm the body up again making sure your head and feet are warm then with two cotton pads slightly squeeze the cyst (with the cotton pads so you don’t put dirt in the cyst) and just like a teenage spot the cyst will pop and the hardened mucus will come out (softened calcium carbonate) that has now softened. STEP 5: There may be a either some blood and or puss or some redness simply add cold pressed coconut oil, as coconut oil is a disinfectant, antibacterial and a cleanser so keep moist and be generous its best to do this whilst sleeping. Vaginal discharge/ Gonorrhea/ STI When dealing with a disease in the sexual reproductive system there has been a build-up of mucus in the sexual reproductive system and a deprivation of the mineral zinc. When dealing with a mucus in the sexual reproductive organ this can begin to cause you further more fear as if you have mucus, being evacuated from and area precious and the most private area for you, had you had mucus coming from your your nose or chest you would feel comfortable with it or should I say more familiar as you would call it a common cold. The same is similar with mucus in your Vagina or Penis, there is inflammation (blockage) its even been scientifically stated that you can catch Gonorrhea without even having sex, this can happen through large quantities of yeast (such as bread, champagne, bear and chicken all which are highly acidic especially those who eat it all the foods stated all in one session on a constant basis) as mucus can build anywhere in the body, there is no accurate place or defined destination any healer can tell you but again the tip is to relax again and know this can be healed. STEP 1. Reduce the acidity of the food you eat as there may be an obstruction in the colon as well a great herb for detoxing is cascara sagrada (Note herbs to not taste nice, see it as Gods way of telling you, you have strayed away from what is natural, here is the herb to heal so that you wont go back to defiling your body but this herb will cleanse any waste). STEP 2: Keep the body again in a relaxed state so the body can let any inflammation (hardened mucus) soften and allow it to it espape. STEP 3 : Take the herb Chaparral, Red Clover (for women add more red clover and less of the other herbs) and HorseTail and make a hot drink (using spring bottled water boiled on a hob) ideally all combined in one tea. Then it’s best to drink this herbal tea whilst your already at a temperature where your body is at 37 degrees and your relaxed and warm similar to the description, on how to heal a cyst (when having your baths the most of us will have water which isn’t purified water so again get creative take some bottled spring water not containing fluoride and as high in PH alkalinity anything above 7.5, the higher the better. Then use that spring water like you would make the tea but instead of drinking get a basin or a creative way to soak your vagina or penis in the herbal solution and let it sit in the solution again the key is to be warm and drinking so your body has the herbs internally and externally (add sage and lavender to your bath) and the hardened yeast ( hence the term yeast infection or mucus) can be be removed. STEP 4: Keep repeating this if your already on a healthy diet it will be easier for any mucus to be released, if you’re not it may take longer the whole process is to understand your body and be in tune with it. STEP 5: The removal process when there is discharge there may be a shock or fear that its working and mucus is being removed it may come in a white, brown or yellow like state (especially from such a private area). The key is to keep relaxed have a person to speak to or is vibrating on a similar frequency who can aid you on your process but stay calm and allow any disease to pass as most people may panic and consult a doctor who will give them a pill which will have the most disastrous consequences, if you go from a alkaline state to a highly acidic state, play a nostalgic song that reminds you of a peaceful time, the aim is to be as relaxed and childlike as possible as happiness is the key to riding the mucus. As again its quite simple the body is tense and unhappy and there is a sticky/hardened substance trying to be removed and only relaxation and cleansing will rid this. And endure, sometimes mucus can become removed in many form but the tip is to resonate higher than the disease (Metaphorically speaking its similar to the film Monsters Inc©, where happiness is stronger than cries, you will get to a level where the mucus doesn’t want to be in here anymore, it’s not happy there, disease cannot function in happiness, it can literally just fall out of you once your laughing and happy, so stay in a joy like frequency not sad or stressed, you could be walking and not happy because the herbal tea process hasn’t worked as you thought it would, and you hear something that resonates with you and be so happy from the most little things such as a friends laugh, a good memory, or even a dream you have, to you even understanding how the herbs work, the mucus just removes itself TIMING IS KEY! as the joy you are in is just what the body needed, it just gives the mucus that final push its been needing, that happiness will override that mucus and will the push the mucus right out.)