Friday 29 May 2015

My personal experience and frequently asked questions.

I’ve been on my alkaline diet for about three years now, I made the change as I’ve always had a keen interest in healthy living and being in the best physical shape as possible, I also am quite pernickety and naturally  quite inquisitive so any so called, “healthy food” or “super food” I would also try to investigate and experience  and experiment to see,what they are like and there benefits. So like most health fanatics I went down the alternative route of milk for example and chose soy milk, oat milk only to later find out that they were just as damaging to my body, such as soy milk which is a hybrid containing a large percentage of starch and interestingly enough due to my research I found that George Washington Carver made plastic out of soy milk so when you ingest soy your essentially consuming plastic.

One of the questions I’m frequently asked by almost everyone I encounter and explain my diet plan is “WHERE DO YOU GET YOUR PROTEIN” which I have to reiterate there is, no consistency in that terminology as if you dissect the meaning of protein you will find that protein is the “21 or 19 amino acids” and as I’ve mentioned in my blog  is that the body is alkaline so there  is no consistency in that argument for protein as the body is made up of minerals from iron,zinc,phosphates etc which is even reiterated in the bible and Genesis 2.7 that man was formed out of dust/soil meaning that the human body is made up of minerals from the ground so  preconceived notion on health such as protein, vitamins has no place. This is quite understandably difficult for some people to comprehend as the student can only regurgitate from what he is told by the teacher, so if the teacher is ill trained or ill-informed so will the student. So part of this alkaline health plan is to understand your own body, as not even I can give you sufficient information on your body as everyone is unique and different food assimilates differently with different peoples body ie due to your height and weight.

My transition over from meat to none, initially this wasn’t difficult for me as prior to my change in diet I didn’t really enjoy meat it was the sauce I enjoyed such as,in a burger for example I very rarely (extremely rarely) had meat by itself ie a steak or ribs. I’m also very disciplined so once I decide to do something that is it it’s going to be done, needless to say it is difficult, I will never dispute that it is not difficult for example if you work then carrying food around that’s fresh is difficult, or going out to restaurants with a loved one or juggling a job and diet etc, so I can sympathise with people who may start and fall off but one thing to remember is firstly moderation at first, the  fact that you’re making a change for the better is good enough you’ve been eating many poisons for years it’s difficult to make a complete transition overnight. 

For example about 6 months in when I first was into my alkaline diet I had a craving for fries which I later consumed which gave me a immediate gratification followed by 10 minutes later a feeling of weakness and a feeling of mucus in my nose and throat and cold like symptoms, which now I know that because my body was highly alkaline at this stage the acidity of the French fries was compromising my mucus membrane and my body was rejecting it. Again people have this preconceived notion of sickness that, if your ill you need a doctor or medicine which isn’t the case generally if your sick there is something inside of you that shouldn’t be there ('if your looking for the cause of disease look no further than you dinner plate, as the saying goes its always in the place that you least expect it to be”). So your body is trying to reject it out of your system so you’re going to get sick before you get better.

In my experience the most important thing you can do is be happy which is similar to the notion of  Dr Emoto  and his book hidden messages in water (interesting book have a read if possible) as being stressful over your diet and hating your food can have terrible effect on your body as all food contains water. For example I went to a club with my friend to celebrate and I didn’t want to drink alcohol as at that time i was experimenting with different herbs and detoxing which brought the overall mood down and I felt unhappy and the next couple days I broke out in spots, versus another time were I drank alcohol in moderation and had a great time as I was extremely happy and subsequently funny enough my skin was radiant the following days. This may be due to a variety of external issues but I think it was because I was happy that despite me drinking acidic substances the power of my happiness overrode the poison (even tho the next day I drank a lot of water to wash out the alcohol), similarly to how some people can eat nothing but fast food and still have good skin or when people pray over there food regardless of religion there is a positive energy in all examples which has a powerful force over everything. This is not me trying to say eat whatever you want and be happy and end sounding hypocritical it’s just to restate the importance of happiness and love into your diet as that is a fundamental aspect that is overlooked by many.