Sunday 6 October 2013

For men only

A lot of fashion has taken into effect amongst men, and men are becoming more in touch with their feminine side which is good as men are becoming more understanding and affectionate toward there women and becoming more comfortable in their own skin. 

However it’s important for men to remember their male attributes and the balance between the male and female and the high masculine spirit of the male and him being a protector not trying to enforce a life style or a concept onto someone but being aware the difference in human anatomy in males and females is important. Fashion accessories such as the skinny jeans has become a recent trend amongst men but it important to be aware that these tight clothing can cause restriction on the male genitals and cause chafing and cause rashes, urinary infection due to the trousers being so close to such as sensitive area, also when washing clothes a lot of the washing detergent contains a lot of unnatural chemicals which can cause a allergic reactions, moreover the testicals need space for the blood to flow to them and it's recommend that skinny jeans and tight clothing is not used for a male trying to conceive a child with his partner as it can cause pressure on the testicals and nerve damage. So express your fashion tastefully but be aware of your strong masculinity and your body.

Saturday 5 October 2013

For women only

Due to a lot of fashion changes in recent years some women have started to wear a variety of clothing such as a lot of trousers that are slim fitted or leggings that compliment there body, not to say you shouldn’t wear a certain clothing epically if you want to feel attractive or have sculpted your body to a desired way or saying that women don’t have the right to wear what they want or that women have to dress a certain way this isn't the point thats being addressed but it’s important to be aware of your body and the natural process.

The womb and vagina need oxygen and sun light to keep it healthy and rejuvenated and a lot of women wear slim fit jeans that can limit them making the feel confined and limited which can make them feel agitated or angry or hot and uncomfortable as the saying goes “what’s got your knickers in a twist” or “what’s got your panties in a bunch” this staying can derive from the clothing you wear can be constrictive and pull you down literally, so it’s important to wear a dress from time to time to embrace your femininity and be proud of your body help to create a natural flow similar to when you get home you wear less clothing as you feel more comfortable that way. 

Also some cases of wearing slim fit trousers can cause thrush or chafing and vaginal discharge due to the lack of oxygen and the rubbing of the clothing on your skin. Furthermore when wearing these slim fit jeans that have been washed, a lot the time the washing detergent people use contain a lot of unnatural chemicals that cause, a variety of reactions such as urinary infection, thrush, vaginal discharge and a variety of infections due to the chemicals being so close to the vagina. Moreover even some tampons and pads are laced with unnatural fragrances that again react to the vagina and cause allergic reactions for females as it’s such a sensitive area.  So try to wear a dress and embrace your divine feminine energy and allow yourself to blossom as beautiful women through wearing a dress and try pay attention to the colours you wear, as different colours carry a vibrational frequency which can make you feel joyful and energetic and beautiful. So appreciate yourself for what you truly are, an astonishing women.

Be Creative

There are two sides of the brain the right side of the brain and the left side of the brain, the left side of the brain is in charge of structure, order, logic, reason and formulas  whereas the right side of the brain is in charge of creativity, passion, laughter, joy and boundless imagination. 

Most people use the left side of the brain due to the high usage of it in the education system, were you are taught to remember something then use that knowledge in a exam to see how well you have remembered, which can have a positive effect such as increasing your memory but a low use of the right side of the brain can be detrimental.  You should always try to use both sides of the brain in day to day life this can be also used in working out. As some people use either the left or the right side of the brain when working out for example they will say I’m going to do 10 sit ups which is the left side of the brain due to the structure, or some will say I’m going to be creative and try do as much as possible until i get tired, which is the right side of the brain; both in all can be effective but using both side of the brain can be even more effective.

A lot of the music today is catered to create dopamine in the body, dopamine creates a “feel good” type feeling which you can exploite into your work out. So be creative put on your favourite song, and work out to it, even plan to finish your work out until  the end of the song as generally a song is between 3-5 minutes in length so using the right side of your brain, you have thought of a creative way to do sit ups for example because of the increase of dopamine from the music or doing sit ups each time the beat drops but the left side of the brain believes there is a formula and is going to continue to push you until the end of the song. But the result is that you can do more than you have ever done.  So be creative try different things that work for you, and remember the creativity is limitless.


Hybrid food is food that is artificially created by  putting two or more things together this is used in agriculture to  help speed up the process of plant life by fusing with one or more plants to make more plants or increase the output in plant life or even to stop a plant having a characteristic such as removing the seed and making it become seedless. You should aim to avoid hybrids,as its not the natural process and therefore the plant is not 100% natural, here is a list of hybrids and and some alternatives.

Hybrids and alternatives

Lemon- Lime or key limes with seeds

White Flour- Spelt Flour

Seedless grapes- Seeded Grapes

Pineapple- Soursop

Tea- Morenga Tea, Camolie Tea, Lemon Grass Tea Ginger tea 

Carrot- Purple Carrot

White sugar- Maple crystal, agave nectar, maple syrup  


Sugar is not the enemy

Sugar or sweet things is seen as a, food that a person who wants to stay healthy has to avoid and people who want to have healthy diet or lifestyle can’t have anything sweet or tasty which is completely false, the problem is eating the wrong sugars. 

There are two types of sugars, sugars that are high glycemic and low glycemic, high glycemic is food that breaks down quickly during digestion and releases glucose rapidly into the bloodstream where as low glycemic sugars break down slowly, and release glucose slowly to maintain you throughout the day. 

The biggest problem is people eat high glycemic food which raises blood pressure, if the glucose is not used it turns into fat and can cause heart problems. So just from switching to alternative sugars with low glycemic levels can help you.

High glycemic foods are food such as white rice, potatoes, white sugar (which is sugar that is bleached and striped of nutrients) brown sugar (which is a lot of the time white sugar that is coated in caramelised sugar).

Low glycemic food consists of alternative sugars such as agave nectar (not agave syrup), maple syrup, fruits that are non hybrid and maple crystals.

So try making a change to alternative sugars and decreasing the high glycemic sugars and replacing with low glycemic sugars.

Don't be too hard on yourself

Sometimes in life there is rough patches were you feel stressed or overwhelmed and fall into negative patterns that you previously moved on from or old habits you tried to break but went back into them. 

Such as if your plan was to avoid eating meat or plan to work out three times a week etc, and you didn’t meet your targets, this is perfectly normal as we are all humans and we make mistakes. But you have to be able to talk to yourself to motivate yourself to do better and move forward from your mistakes, and not be too hard on yourself, as some people make the mistake and fall into a addiction of a certain type of  sadness or ask someone for advice on a matter they already know the answer to, or tell yourself you’re not worth it or cant do it, so be your own shoulder to lean on and motivate yourself to do better and put the mistake behind you and only move forward. 

As who can give you better advice on yourself then you’re self?  So learn from the past but don’t dwell on it too much and move forward and reach your goal as its all a learning process that you will constantly have to build on.

Subtle Significances

When making a change in your diet or lifestyle there is a lot of unnecessary stresses people go through, which really doesn’t need to be the case. Some people see change as a really big thing that must take place to obtain a goal  and they have to come out of there cycle and its long or difficult when this is completely untrue, just the small changes can be made to make a big difference. For example when changing your diet it’s the subtle changes that have a great significance, such as just changing from eating a lime instead of a lemon as a lemon is a hybrid, or even change from drinking concentrate fruit juices to not from concentrate fruit juices then from juices to increasing your daily intake of water. Then slowly but surely you will realise your body only wants the best for you,  it does not  want hybrids or artificial juices etc it only wants natural foods and once it has experienced natural food then goes to back unnatural food your body will reject it, you your self will taste the difference and appreciate the value of natural food in comparison to the artificial or junk food you once enjoyed. 

This subtle significance also implies to working out such as starting up jogging only for 10 minutes to run around your local park, at first you may think that I can’t run for long and again tell yourself negative things before you have even begun jogging, avoid this by all means; tell yourself “I AM GOING TO COMPLETE MY JOG” not "might" or "ill try" use positive words to motivate yourself this applies to other life factors as well.

 Then again slowly and surely you will fall into patterns you will want to jog and when you don’t jog you may feel like you have to much energy, then you will realise the pain of jogging wasn’t what you thought,you will realise your legs naturally want to be used excessively, after a jog your mind state will be refreshed you will feel like you can do more around the house, or at work as your thoughts are more organised instead of cluttered as the mind and body need to be stimulated. So try some subtle significance and see how it works for you.