Sunday 6 October 2013

For men only

A lot of fashion has taken into effect amongst men, and men are becoming more in touch with their feminine side which is good as men are becoming more understanding and affectionate toward there women and becoming more comfortable in their own skin. 

However it’s important for men to remember their male attributes and the balance between the male and female and the high masculine spirit of the male and him being a protector not trying to enforce a life style or a concept onto someone but being aware the difference in human anatomy in males and females is important. Fashion accessories such as the skinny jeans has become a recent trend amongst men but it important to be aware that these tight clothing can cause restriction on the male genitals and cause chafing and cause rashes, urinary infection due to the trousers being so close to such as sensitive area, also when washing clothes a lot of the washing detergent contains a lot of unnatural chemicals which can cause a allergic reactions, moreover the testicals need space for the blood to flow to them and it's recommend that skinny jeans and tight clothing is not used for a male trying to conceive a child with his partner as it can cause pressure on the testicals and nerve damage. So express your fashion tastefully but be aware of your strong masculinity and your body.

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