Thursday 30 August 2018

You have a heart of gold, you are glowing!

The statement you hear when you’re feeling good and people notice it, can really be a fantastic motivation and a great compliment to make you realise your resonating and are on the right path. But have you ever questioned what make a person glow and how you can do the same? The key to a good glow is having healthy blood, the blood is the river of life flowing through your body so its important to make sure that the blood is healthy with a fine purity. This is done through large concentration of Iron in your diet (burdock, yellow dock, sarsaparilla, nettle , elderberry, damiana). What also is important to note is the composition of the heart and the mineral that is associated with the heart which is GOLD! Gold you say? Yes, gold, gold is in the heart just like iron is in the blood, gold is the most prominent mineral in the heart (Ever heard the saying “He/She has a heart of Gold”). To increase the gold in the heart there is the plant that is associated with it, which is the plant Lilly of the Valley. What’s more in regards to healthy blood it’s important to remove the old blood and respire, to do this, it’s important to do aerobic exercise so your body can renew your blood and renew your cells. This can be done by eating large quantities of seeded grapes and cherries which will thin your blood and act as a diuretic removing waste and cleansing your body. Giving you a healthy glow, all people should have a healthy golden glow whether white, Asian, black helping the mineral carbon draw to you on a cellular level. In addition much like a river it’s important to not rush the flow, so whilst cleansing do not just take an excessive amount of iron to purify the body quickly, take in moderation, for example using the metaphor of a river, a river can flow or crash, if it flows the impurities will remove from your body slowly gradually and peacefully emphasis added on peace, however abuse the herbs and the river will crash, it will remove waste from your body so quickly from one section to another so abruptly that it will cause a detrimental effect; picture a dam what has all the waste of your body it is excreting through any orifice, which has now clogged altogether causing an even greater problem. See the case in ‘Prof. Arnold Ehret's mucusless diet healing system book’, he speaks of a gentleman who was on a 40 day fast on nothing but grapes, which is a excellent fast, however he broke his fast on a meal of boiled potatoes and due to his system being so clean and pure, then putting impurity into his body of a potatoes which is extremely high in starch and alkaline, the starch flowed right rough his heart and caused a heart attack! What’s more the coroner had to cut the starch off his heart with a scalpel so its advised after a fast transition slowly, soups, salads, dates (which is used in Islamic faith after a fast) to prep your body for whole food. I say this not scare you but to think holistically and outside of the box, as this diet is completely outside the box so be careful and don’t rush your cleanse, you will be healed use positive affirmations to know that, there is no rush you are powerful, you are love and you are healed already. Just by reading this shows you have a interest in healing and to be a better you. Ill end with a quote from Bruce Lee. “Be formless, shapeless, like water…... You put water into a bottle it becomes the bottle, you put it in a teapot it becomes the tea pot. Water can flow or it can crash…. Be water my friends….” Infinite love Bloom Buddie