Sunday 8 January 2017

My fast experience

My detoxing experience. I decided to do a 5 day juice/herbal tea fast to start the new year, my fast consisted of mainly teas, these teas included burdock, yellow dock, sarsaparilla, Irish moss and bladderwrack combined, nettle, horsetail, seeded grape juice, cherry juice and finally twice for the five days cascara sagrada. Again, when fasting the body is left to rest and the digestive tract is allowed to be cleared, especially if you have any blockage in the colon what’s more the body doesn’t have to work hard to break down food, if you do this correctly, and drink the teas three times a day, you will notice an excretion of mucus, as mentioned before in my blog mucus is the only disease and the manifestation of mucus is the reason for all diseases. This mucus can be excreted through any orifice, be it in the nose, ear, skin pores, anus, penis, or vagina. For some it may be frightful to see mucus come out of any orifice, as the most common place people see mucus is either the nose or mouth when people get the “common cold”. But I will try explain the process as best as I can to make it understandable, since the body is alkaline and the cells strive best in a alkaline state, when you consume food that is acidic, the acid wears away the mucus lining of where ever the mucus lining inhabits for example, there is mucus lining in the intestinal walls and cells, so if the acid wears away the cells of the blood and the mucus comes out of the cell you can have sickle cell or can be anaemic, if it wears away the mucus lining near the sexual reproduction organs, this can lead up to a build of mucus or waste, which can cause, fibroid tumours, herpes, chlamydia and a whole host of others. For example, (I apologise if I’m gross and graphic but it, must be said to ensure people understand my analogies) when you have a “cold or flu” you will spit up mucus, let’s say you cough and spit up the mucus, you will notice it is very sticky, and thick either when you spit it into a toilet, tissue, basin or sink, when you wash away the phlegm (mucus) you will notice that it takes a while for a sticky substance if spat into a toilet bowl for example to move away, the water will struggle to flush it down, as the phlegm will cling and remain on the surface only to eventually disappear with excessive amounts of water is used. This exact analogy is the same in the body when there is a mucus in body, the process of detoxing using water, and herbal alkaline teas is essential to “wash out” the body of waste and remove the mucus and toxins and cleanse the cells, and place the body back in that natural state of alkalinity. Through the detox and fast you will notice that you are still going to the bathroom and pooping quite regularly and passing fecal matter, ask yourself how am I pooping when I haven’t truly ate food? Again, to understand this you have to understand the body on a cellular level, when people eat not just the stomach is fed but also cells of the body and there are billions for cells from cells in the brain, skin, liver, eyes etc. So waste can be removed from all over the body waste that has been trapped there for years, for example again a person who is overweight can have fecal matter that has been undigested for years, which has hardened just like when you see a dogs poop that’s been there for quite some time and has gone hard, this same process happens in the human body and can cause and array of illness from gout, arthritis, cysts and many more. With my personal fast there was mucus coming from my nose, poop, mouth and earwax being excreted, needless to say it can become a bit of a fright or scare to see mucus, and automatically you may question should I go to the doctors?, but you will soon understand your body as everyone is unique and has a different body which is a part of holistic healing, I myself don’t go to the doctors and self diagnose myself and have come to understand my body for example, despite being a alkaline dieter, I still drink alcohol and I know through experience that, because my body is so alkaline and alcohol is acidic I will become ill quicker, so I have understood my body so whenever I do drink alcohol it’s a low volume alcohol mainly champagne, but I also carry excessive amounts of water in my car, 6 bottles of 1.5 litres of highland spring and drink at least 3 litres of it before I sleep as if I don’t, I noticed personally I start to have a sore throat and spit mucus, but if I do drink my prescribed amount, I feel fine, I also drink large quantities of iron be it burdock yellow dock or sarsaspirlla or elderberry or combine the first three herbs. As I’m aware that champagne contains yeast, yeast being the bedding of disease, and can cause of a lot sexual illness such as chlamydia, yeast infection as well as others such as gout. So I have to combat this, ideally yes you should try avoid alcohol as it is highly acidic but again I try to be as honest as possible and express my own personal experience. As we all have our own personal weaknesses mine being trying to embrace sobriety is difficult at times but I have made great progress so I must pat myself on the back. I was also asked do you get hungry on your fast?, the answer is one the first day I was hungry more of a mental hunger as your used to eating at a particular time, but the aim is to fill yourself up on herbal teas and water, then after the first day, you feel fine, mainly drinking irish moss and bladderwrack as those herbs combine contain, 92 out of 102 minerals in the body and planet. Then I noticed my thoughts where clearer, I had a very spiritual moment my thoughts made more sense I saw life in a brand new light and understood, life a bit more clearer (I’m not just saying this to sound brooding and deep, I genuinely had a moment… was magical) as well as my body, it was actually very enlightening, I actually did 6 days fasting but I couldn’t go any longer not because I was hungry but was that I was starting back work, and for my work I need food to concentrate and I don’t have access to drinking my teas at work but I REALLY wanted to fast for longer to see the benefits and any waste still in my body but I will do later, and blog my experience. Buddie