Thursday 9 April 2020

Dr Sebi story was he a healer if so how part 1

I decided to write this post out of frustration with a lot of hearsay, outright lies, a lack of accurate information thread and lack of integrity of a variety of individuals. I have always had a mind that followed deeply of my intuition and regretted deeply when I never strayed away from following it and learned to always trust my intuition. Having personally previously eating a diet that was high in dairy products and loved milk and would drink at least a couple pints a day, I began a journey of self-healing around my teenage yeasts 15-18 years I suffered with a bit of acne not severe mainly effecting my temple area and eye brows. Having seldom listened to anyone outside of ones-self I knew I could combat this issue from research as I rarely attended the doctors or anyone outside of myself for education. So I knew from my experience with cause and effect that dairy was the reason for my outbreak in acne, so I first looked for an alternative I first looked at so, and didn’t like the taste and later found out soy was one molecule away from plastic so, Intuitively knew this wasn’t right not to mention when generally a product is in high demand being promoted there is usually some after effects, so with soy, it leads to inorganic oestrogen causing , endometriosis in woman, large fatty issues in men causing men for their pectoral glades to expand (man boobs)and soy, I later found was created by George Washington Carver so I was right to follow my intuition. So I then went to look at nuts for alternative milk which I found almonds, again later to find if there from the California area they are genetically modified ( and the natural or closest to natural is the Jamaican Almond. I then began to think to myself we all eat the same food in this huge earth we leave on there is only more or less 3 things we eat potatoes (chips, roast potatoes, mash potatoes, fries) rice (egg fried rice, jellof rice, risotto) and meat (pork ,lamb beef chicken). So I began on a journey to seek alternatives as my intuition told me there has to be more after researching many I found Dr Sebi. Dr Sebi born Alfredo bowman, was born not attending school, and spend most of his time with his grandmother Mama Hay, he was raised in a strong Marcus Garvey household with a emphasise on Africa, which later he learned more about the importance of it. His mother was sick as a child and he said to himself on a river “one day I’m going to heal my mother”. At the age of around 30 years old Dr Sebi suffered from Asthma, impotence, anaemic, slightly suffering from mental health (later at one point being diagnosed with paranoid schizophrenia and diabetes he sought healing which he was told to take large quantities of eggs to help his penis get an erection to later find it made him worse. He then met in Mexico a man called Alfredo Cortez who told him to fast and eating nothing for 90 days only drink herbs and juices and water he trusted the Mexican healer names Alfredo Cortez (both shared the same first name). He began to feel weak drinking the herbs but trusted the process and continued and started to feel better and on around the 30th day he woke up in a gasp and his penis was erect and was no longer impotent. He thanked the Mexican healer and vowed to continue healing, at the time he was working as a steam engineer traveling the world, because he was a stem engineer he knew the importance of alkalinity and acidity because it the pipes had to be slightly acidic 6.9PH otherwise if the pipes where alkaline life would form i.e algae small fish and the pipes would be clogged, which is why at one point he referred to himself as “A plumber” as the human body is the same we are sick if we are clogged and just need to clean the pipes (colon). So he left his job 2 years away from retirement with a salary $1,500 a month to pursue “curing the world”. He created the Usha Research institution under the Fig Leaf branch with his first wife Maya who also told him to come of bread early in life and taught him the vegan plant based diet. He cured many patients of Aids, lupus, diabetes, cancer, gout, blindness, sickle cell herpes and many more. He created a list of foods that were all non-hybrids natural, alkaline, plant based food, and were electrical as there molecular structure was complete he took information on biochemistry as his daughter read for him as he stated he doesn’t like to read books from Edward Shooks using alkaline foods not hybrid foods that Edward Shooks stated. And referred to it as a “Intra Cellular Cleanse” as the herbs feed the body down to a cellular level, which is why he could heal patients so quickly as alkaline plants don’t get there energy from photosynthesis they are photovolcaic, getting energy from the earth. He was happy that he was curing many people and even fulfilled his promise to himself that he will heal his mother, after giving her herbs and juices and fasting she excreted a long piece of mucus from her and could lift her arm better than she could before, he travelled to many places to cure people from Africa, Dominica, England, Zimbabwe, Guinee, south Africa and many others. To assist others in healing he got frustrated with people calling him a fake healer and a liar and after his mother encouraging words of him to put an add in the newspaper he did to put an ad in the newspaper he placed in 1989 in the Amsterdam news that “THE USHA RESEARCH INSTITUTE HAS CURED AIDS” he’s mother warned him “they are going to get you!” pre-warning which he said prepared him the Attorney general at the time state (Mr Robert Abrams occupying NEW YORK) came to his office of business with their guns drawn arresting him for practicing medicine without a licence, and making fraudulent claims. He attended two court proceedings a civil case Judge residing was Judge sorter from Washington DC but was in the Sixth Appellant court in New York and Supreme case Judge residing was Anne Thelman who later became Dr Sebi’s Patient. For the civil case Judge Shorter ruled in favour of Dr Sebi as he was knowledgeable on herbs and stated the herb Foxglove in court documents and asked “did the prosecution investigate Dr Sebi before arresting him” to which there was a negative answer by the prosecution as at the time of the case it was 2781st cases of false healers at the time and Dr Sebi was 2782nd case. Judge shorter stated that “I’ve always wanted to do something in America that made a difference and today I get the opportunity to”, Dr sebi won the civil case. For the supreme court case Judge residing was Anne Thelman, Sebi quouted Hippocrates who is the father of medince stating he only used herbs and cured all disease before Christ was born, and didn’t use any chemicals and plants that are natural have chemical infinity and those that are unnatural do not. The prosecuting head team of doctor was Dr Victor Herbert’s, stated that he was selling medicine not approved by the FDA however when the products where sent to the Lancaster laboratories there was no chemicals found so he was innocent of those charges, and he was selling “natural cell vegetation food” no chemicals He then was requested to bring 9 people of people he cured but he brought 77 proving he did reverse the disease he stated he cured providing diagnostic sheets of HIV positive then HIV negative, he also intelligently stated that the newspaper article never states that I Dr Sebi Cures aids its stated “The Usha Research institute” cures aids which in a court proceeding and Maritime and Corporate law a Entity is different to a living soul. He won his case and continued to practise his craft. Based in La Cieba Honduras and in the LA office La Ceinga Ave, in his village in Honduras he has a thermal springs which has a PH of 9.9 which has healing benefits of high in oxygen sulphur rich and has healed patients with skin condition in under 30 minutes. As well as a pool to swim, huts with lemon grass and eucalyptus so inhale. Dr Sebi went to many pro-black advocates having the Marcus garvey background including Opra,Al Sharpton, Robert Mugabe, Nelson Mandela, Jesse Jackson, Loius Faharakan including more, and was rejected by them and denied him despite having diagnostic sheets proving that he does what he states. He cured celebrity clients including Eddie Murphy’s mother, Lisa Left Eye lopez, Tracy Chapman, Collin Salmon, Barack Obama, Common, Steven Segal, Michael Jackson,Teddy pandegrass, Magic Johson (allegedly) Dr Sebi had many children including Saama Bowman, Abdul Bowman ,Taiwa Bowman, Kelly Bowman, Usha Bowman, Xave bowman, Victor Bowman He also had at least 3 wife’s including Maa Bowman and Patsy Bowman and many other women who he bore children with Patsy bowman was taken later to Court by Dr Sebi due to trying to steal his products and brand and image there was also a change in, ingredients and there was a brief phrase where a lot of staff where fired due to compromising the Dr Sebi office and recommending hybrid herbs and plants and patients who spent money where not being healed accurately. There was a many Dr Sebi family who took a off shoot of Dr Sebi products such as Kelly Bowman’s Sebi Daughters, DietaryResloutions by Izeah Bowman and Patsy Bowman International Healing, patsy bowman was also taken for Fraud claims by Dr Sebi that his wife and daughter conspired against him and try to ruin him. All of these bowmans are recommending products that are not recommending Black rice, Kelly Bowman stating Sebi, taught her the great importance of Moringa which is false and not recommended, Izeah Bowman stating that Sebi only taught his family how to heal which again is a erroneous statement and is not true, there seems to be a lot of family disputes that have left undisclosed and family members merely living of Dr Sebi’s name and causing confusing. It was later that the late Nipsey Hussle found out about Dr Sebi and went to Patsy Bowman for products, and wanted to make a documentary after hearing about his triumph in court, he didn’t not meet with DR Sebi unfortunately before his untimely demise nor with Saama however Nick Cannon did and is to continue his documentary and is to be release in late 2020. Dr Sebi was supposed to also have Tv show after healing a high profile client to choose from any TV network he chose from but the LA office advice that it was not necessary (Allegedly) There was also a legal issue with the LA office ran by Pablo Medina and Jenny Villasenor after Dr Sebi’s untimely death which there is a ongoing legal issue that Saama Bowman is left by Dr Sebi as the legal owner, and is the owner of Usha Village, as the Usha Village was land left by Dr Sebi Grandfather. Its recommend if the products that are authentic and promote what Dr Sebi made and emphasised should be made from Usha Village. 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