Sunday 19 January 2014

Substitute for breakfast cereal- Quinoa and sorrel

Quinoa is a alkaline grain which doesn't contain starch which won't cause carbonic acid in your body. Which won't lead to an increase of blood pressure in your body especially for people suffering with diabetes, for a substitute of milk there is almond milk which is dairy free for people who are lactose intolerant served with agave nectar which is low glysemic sugar and blue berries which are high in  anti oxidants and help against free radical (a dead molecule which tries to bond with other molecules which then kills the healthy molecule). For drink there is sorrel with mixed berries which has the same texture as fruit juice ideal for kids which is also low glysemic and full of antioxidants.

Saturday 18 January 2014

Don't be afraid to get dirty

Most people put on nice clothes to go jogging or avoid the grass or mud but sometimes the natural surface is the best if it is muddy it means that it may be more difficult to run in which is perfect as it will make you work different muscles and make you stronger and also push your mind to worker harder and harder making you become better at what you do.

Green means go

When jogging or running most people run on the street or on roads paved for jogging however concrete is designed for cars not for humans or to pave a path for easiness of travelling ie to prevent slipping. When running try to run on grass as grass is softer than concrete and will allow you to jog for longer without less pain because when  jogging both your feet are of the ground if for 1 billionth of a second  and when they hit the floor when your feet hit the ground it sends two and a half  times your body weight up your legs to your spine and send shock waves to the brain which can sometimes damage it not to say that by all means avoid stepping on concrete but jogging you should try to do on grass where it is softer on the muscles and bones which is why set sometimes your can run on concrete sometimes and literally step to hard on concrete and it cane cause you pain similarly why a horse has to wear horse shoes as the animal is on a unnatural surface. Also when running on grass because your running on a uneven surface your having to use more muscles strengthening certain parts of the abdominal muscles and legs you haven't used before. So green means go so get jogging.

Look back at it

When on a goal of improving yourself sometimes you start being hard on yourself because your not eating the right food on a certain day because you are not  able to,such as you have been away from home from your right ingredients you would like to eat or you can afford it at the present time because you haven't been paid yet . Which is perfectly normal so don't be too hard on yourself if you eat something you said you would no longer eat because you realised it wasn't as good for you,instead look back at your self and the progress you have made in comparison to the lifestyle you were once living. Sometimes you are improving yourself so much that it becomes normal to you however when you tell someone about you're changes there shocked because it's abnormal to them and they aren't in your lane, this is evident from others reactions you have progressed so always look back at yourself give yourself credit for your improvement it may not be perfect but as long as your trying don't be too hard on yourself and knock yourself back as your are you biggest enemy and best friend.

Friday 17 January 2014

Irish moss

Irish moss also known as sea moss or crondris cripsis is a sea plant which comes in powder form or as a plant or gel. Irish moss is called that name as due to the Irish famine many survived on it due to it  being high in carbon making it electric food which revives and replenishes all cells. Furthermore Irish moss is high in iron making it magnetic which pulls all other minerals to it, as well as being high in iron it is high in oxygen and contains 98 out of 102 minerals which is why the Irish survived on it.

Whey protein

Whey protein is common in the gym and amongst people trying to put on weight especially men as it helps to build muscles and aids growth. Whey protein main ingredient is milk (lactose)and high glycemic sugar, the milk is just in a powder form due to heat making it coagulate (turning into a semi solid form),since it is milk it is low in oxygen which is why so many people have bigger upper bodies in comparison to their lower body because the oxygen is not flowing correctly aswell as people working there top half more. Also the whey protein has a placebo effect as people think they need it to go gym because they feel it will give them energy  when it does the complete opposite the sheer determination from within gives you the energy. Since it's milk it creates lactic acid in the body which stops you from reaching your best, they say that it is protein and is one of the "21 amino acids", however acid has no place in the body where as alkaline food with oxygen does

Friday 10 January 2014


Milk is the liquid produce of the mammary glandes of mothers to give to there's offspring ,milk is in a liquid form as it gives all nutrition needed ie calcium iron and antibodies for growth and once your grown enough to eat solid food you stop drinking milk from your mother.

The important message is that every animal drinks the milk for that animal ie a giraffe would not drink the milk for a polar bear and vice versa, the same goes for humans which is why some people become ill or -are lactose intolerant because they drink milk of a cow which is not designed for human consumption but the consumption of a cow as the cow is a animal of hybridisation and when something is a hybrid which is not natural the molecular structure is not complete, also lactose in the milk creates lactic acid destroying the mucous membrane leading to colds flu cancer etc.

Most people if not all are lactose intolerant but because they have been drinking milk since a young age there body has adapted as the body number one rule is self-preservation.