Saturday 18 January 2014

Green means go

When jogging or running most people run on the street or on roads paved for jogging however concrete is designed for cars not for humans or to pave a path for easiness of travelling ie to prevent slipping. When running try to run on grass as grass is softer than concrete and will allow you to jog for longer without less pain because when  jogging both your feet are of the ground if for 1 billionth of a second  and when they hit the floor when your feet hit the ground it sends two and a half  times your body weight up your legs to your spine and send shock waves to the brain which can sometimes damage it not to say that by all means avoid stepping on concrete but jogging you should try to do on grass where it is softer on the muscles and bones which is why set sometimes your can run on concrete sometimes and literally step to hard on concrete and it cane cause you pain similarly why a horse has to wear horse shoes as the animal is on a unnatural surface. Also when running on grass because your running on a uneven surface your having to use more muscles strengthening certain parts of the abdominal muscles and legs you haven't used before. So green means go so get jogging.

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