Friday 17 January 2014

Whey protein

Whey protein is common in the gym and amongst people trying to put on weight especially men as it helps to build muscles and aids growth. Whey protein main ingredient is milk (lactose)and high glycemic sugar, the milk is just in a powder form due to heat making it coagulate (turning into a semi solid form),since it is milk it is low in oxygen which is why so many people have bigger upper bodies in comparison to their lower body because the oxygen is not flowing correctly aswell as people working there top half more. Also the whey protein has a placebo effect as people think they need it to go gym because they feel it will give them energy  when it does the complete opposite the sheer determination from within gives you the energy. Since it's milk it creates lactic acid in the body which stops you from reaching your best, they say that it is protein and is one of the "21 amino acids", however acid has no place in the body where as alkaline food with oxygen does

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