Saturday 18 January 2014

Look back at it

When on a goal of improving yourself sometimes you start being hard on yourself because your not eating the right food on a certain day because you are not  able to,such as you have been away from home from your right ingredients you would like to eat or you can afford it at the present time because you haven't been paid yet . Which is perfectly normal so don't be too hard on yourself if you eat something you said you would no longer eat because you realised it wasn't as good for you,instead look back at your self and the progress you have made in comparison to the lifestyle you were once living. Sometimes you are improving yourself so much that it becomes normal to you however when you tell someone about you're changes there shocked because it's abnormal to them and they aren't in your lane, this is evident from others reactions you have progressed so always look back at yourself give yourself credit for your improvement it may not be perfect but as long as your trying don't be too hard on yourself and knock yourself back as your are you biggest enemy and best friend.

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