Saturday 5 October 2013

Subtle Significances

When making a change in your diet or lifestyle there is a lot of unnecessary stresses people go through, which really doesn’t need to be the case. Some people see change as a really big thing that must take place to obtain a goal  and they have to come out of there cycle and its long or difficult when this is completely untrue, just the small changes can be made to make a big difference. For example when changing your diet it’s the subtle changes that have a great significance, such as just changing from eating a lime instead of a lemon as a lemon is a hybrid, or even change from drinking concentrate fruit juices to not from concentrate fruit juices then from juices to increasing your daily intake of water. Then slowly but surely you will realise your body only wants the best for you,  it does not  want hybrids or artificial juices etc it only wants natural foods and once it has experienced natural food then goes to back unnatural food your body will reject it, you your self will taste the difference and appreciate the value of natural food in comparison to the artificial or junk food you once enjoyed. 

This subtle significance also implies to working out such as starting up jogging only for 10 minutes to run around your local park, at first you may think that I can’t run for long and again tell yourself negative things before you have even begun jogging, avoid this by all means; tell yourself “I AM GOING TO COMPLETE MY JOG” not "might" or "ill try" use positive words to motivate yourself this applies to other life factors as well.

 Then again slowly and surely you will fall into patterns you will want to jog and when you don’t jog you may feel like you have to much energy, then you will realise the pain of jogging wasn’t what you thought,you will realise your legs naturally want to be used excessively, after a jog your mind state will be refreshed you will feel like you can do more around the house, or at work as your thoughts are more organised instead of cluttered as the mind and body need to be stimulated. So try some subtle significance and see how it works for you.

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