Saturday 5 October 2013

Sugar is not the enemy

Sugar or sweet things is seen as a, food that a person who wants to stay healthy has to avoid and people who want to have healthy diet or lifestyle can’t have anything sweet or tasty which is completely false, the problem is eating the wrong sugars. 

There are two types of sugars, sugars that are high glycemic and low glycemic, high glycemic is food that breaks down quickly during digestion and releases glucose rapidly into the bloodstream where as low glycemic sugars break down slowly, and release glucose slowly to maintain you throughout the day. 

The biggest problem is people eat high glycemic food which raises blood pressure, if the glucose is not used it turns into fat and can cause heart problems. So just from switching to alternative sugars with low glycemic levels can help you.

High glycemic foods are food such as white rice, potatoes, white sugar (which is sugar that is bleached and striped of nutrients) brown sugar (which is a lot of the time white sugar that is coated in caramelised sugar).

Low glycemic food consists of alternative sugars such as agave nectar (not agave syrup), maple syrup, fruits that are non hybrid and maple crystals.

So try making a change to alternative sugars and decreasing the high glycemic sugars and replacing with low glycemic sugars.

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