Saturday 5 October 2013


Hybrid food is food that is artificially created by  putting two or more things together this is used in agriculture to  help speed up the process of plant life by fusing with one or more plants to make more plants or increase the output in plant life or even to stop a plant having a characteristic such as removing the seed and making it become seedless. You should aim to avoid hybrids,as its not the natural process and therefore the plant is not 100% natural, here is a list of hybrids and and some alternatives.

Hybrids and alternatives

Lemon- Lime or key limes with seeds

White Flour- Spelt Flour

Seedless grapes- Seeded Grapes

Pineapple- Soursop

Tea- Morenga Tea, Camolie Tea, Lemon Grass Tea Ginger tea 

Carrot- Purple Carrot

White sugar- Maple crystal, agave nectar, maple syrup  


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