Saturday 5 October 2013

For women only

Due to a lot of fashion changes in recent years some women have started to wear a variety of clothing such as a lot of trousers that are slim fitted or leggings that compliment there body, not to say you shouldn’t wear a certain clothing epically if you want to feel attractive or have sculpted your body to a desired way or saying that women don’t have the right to wear what they want or that women have to dress a certain way this isn't the point thats being addressed but it’s important to be aware of your body and the natural process.

The womb and vagina need oxygen and sun light to keep it healthy and rejuvenated and a lot of women wear slim fit jeans that can limit them making the feel confined and limited which can make them feel agitated or angry or hot and uncomfortable as the saying goes “what’s got your knickers in a twist” or “what’s got your panties in a bunch” this staying can derive from the clothing you wear can be constrictive and pull you down literally, so it’s important to wear a dress from time to time to embrace your femininity and be proud of your body help to create a natural flow similar to when you get home you wear less clothing as you feel more comfortable that way. 

Also some cases of wearing slim fit trousers can cause thrush or chafing and vaginal discharge due to the lack of oxygen and the rubbing of the clothing on your skin. Furthermore when wearing these slim fit jeans that have been washed, a lot the time the washing detergent people use contain a lot of unnatural chemicals that cause, a variety of reactions such as urinary infection, thrush, vaginal discharge and a variety of infections due to the chemicals being so close to the vagina. Moreover even some tampons and pads are laced with unnatural fragrances that again react to the vagina and cause allergic reactions for females as it’s such a sensitive area.  So try to wear a dress and embrace your divine feminine energy and allow yourself to blossom as beautiful women through wearing a dress and try pay attention to the colours you wear, as different colours carry a vibrational frequency which can make you feel joyful and energetic and beautiful. So appreciate yourself for what you truly are, an astonishing women.

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