Monday 9 September 2013

Words And There Powers

One of the strongest tools we have is are words, as the saying goes words are a mans/womens most powerful tool, so with this phrase you must incorporate it into your life. As most people when starting to diet they don't realise their own power of their own words and what it does to their mind and body.

For example when someone starts a diet they almost feel like its a choir or say it reluctantly saying "ahh next week I'm going on a diet" this use of negative words automatically tells the brain that this not going to be enjoyable experience destroying yourself similar to  a self destruct button. So carefully pick your words as they are a very powerful tool when considering a change of diet; instead of using negative words start by saying "I'm going to Enjoy! my diet next week and the changes I'm going to make and the targets I will achieve. These subtle words may sound insignificant, but have a dramatic affect on the mind as there is no doubt use of phrases such as "will achieve "have a more uplifting feel and that its going to happen not might or maybe it will happen and your goal will be achieved mind over matter.

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