Thursday 19 September 2013


 In this section I'll talk about regular bowel movement, but as it's a uncomfortable subject for some ill refer to it as pooping to make it sound a bit more pleasant. Every been to the doctor and they ask "you do you have regular bowl movement?" and wondered why do they ask you that. Regular bowel movement is essential as it gets rid of the energy that has been used up and the waste material not needed. Also food that takes more than 8 hours to digest is generally bad for you and begins to clump and clog in your body which is how a variety of illnesses are formed because there is waste in your body that has not passed through and still lingers. And when there is waste product left in your body this becomes destructive and toxic which can lead to illnesses, such as erectile distinction in males, lowered body temperature and cramps for females.

Relaxing when pooping,most people rush there poop as they are not relaxed and are in a rush to go work or are busy or are overthinking about daily stresses. So being calm and relax is essential to remove all waste in body to get ready for more nutrients.

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