Thursday 12 September 2013

A Protein Alternative

Most people think that to get big or gain muscle you must eat lots of meat or as they say protein, if thats the case ask yourself how is the cow so big when all he eats is grass or how is the elephant so big when all he eats is grass. Some may say thats how they were made or thats how God made them, whatever be the case one thing to mention is that meat is a dead animal which means that all of its nutrients if not all have also died with it,so as spoken of before if its dead means low amount of oxygen and oxygen being one of the fundamental compound the body needs a lack of this means it can clock the body up which can lead to tumour,heart disease,and a weakened immune system.

One alternative to protein is Spirulina which is an alkaline blue-green algea which can come in a variety of forms such as powder, tablets and in its natural state which can be added to soups drinks and teas and is consumed in over 70 counties in the world and is high in vitamins and minerals and most importantly oxygen, some may think because there use to eating large quantities of meat or dairy products that to switch to a protein alternative may not have the correct effects needed, when in fact spirulina has 300% more protein than fish meat and diary which is why only a small amount is needed to have substantial effects.

So one thing to try for people who want a high protein diet is Spirulina

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