Thursday 12 September 2013

Get A Buddie

A lot of the time your friends can be the biggest blessing for you as they can lift you up when your feeling low and be a form of verbal energy, such as a time when your friend can say that one trigger word that can make you smile and be happy when you were border line of giving up.

This friend can be utilised in reaching an acquired goal as you can motivate each other to do better and if one is feeling down you can motivate each other and vice versa, so finding a buddie is a great way of getting into shape as you can work on each other as you know each other very well and know what makes each other tick. So next time you want to go for a jog link up with a friend and both get fit together instead of feeling lonely be successful together. This use of team work creates a sense of competition not the type of competition were by you are jealous or hate or envy each other but the type of competition to make each other want to achieve more and pushing each other to do better and being there for each other when your begin to feel exhausted to verbally motivate each other. Furthermore having a buddie can make you share tips with one another, for example if you created a formula to do more press ups share this knowledge with your buddie and you both build each other up.

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