Wednesday 11 December 2013

You ain't got nothing to prove to no one!

One of the biggest problems in day to day life, is people putting other people's opinions of themselves before there own actual opinions. Which leads to lack of self confidence as you care more of what other people think of yourself  instead of putting yourself first. Such as not speaking up because you care about how you'll look if your wrong, or wanting to voice your opinion but you wait for someone else to voice their opinion so you get some sort of confidence boost or situation a lot of people find themselves in whereby they think I can't get that car even tho it fits my budget perfectly but isn't as appealing but I'll get the more expensive car which I can buy but can't afford but people will think my car looks nice despite the fact that I can't afford it, but it will prove that I have money . 

This inner lack of self confidence can transcend into your fitness as some people will put back there work out session because they haven't got the latest pair of running shoes or there trousers are ripped or  "I can't go jogging there everyone will look at me" people care so much as to what other people think of themselves that they go to the gym just to take a picture of themselves to place on a social network site to show that they are working out and prove they go gym,were males will flex there muscles and women apply make-up just to look good in the eyes of someone they don't even know and not reach there potential. The whole point to emphasise is that you need to put yourself first and care less about what people think of you as people will always have opinions on you regardless of what you do and if you live your life based on opinions you live there life not your own. So the next time your go out jogging try something you wouldn't normally do form small steps to big steps such as wearing a old outfit to boost your confidence that you wouldn't usually wear not a false sense of confidence like running down the street naked or going parachuting to say that your now confident. But build and unblock your true confidence step by step then approach someone you've seen a lot in the gym or in the park this will even transcend into your work place or university  where by opportunities may open to you because your more confident when making presentations for example. So try something different to boost your confidence that you yourself can see as it's all about you.

Because fighting a battle to prove something, is a endless battle.

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