Monday 15 June 2015

Pure batana oil

How to use.
1. Warm up the batana in a pot, like you melt chocolate on a low heat (DO NOT USE MICROWAVE, MICROWAVE DESTROYS IT.) , just enought time to make it into an oil (dont over heat)
2., apply over the scalp , using your finger tips and apply little by little, cover the area where hair is falling out and gently massage over it is possible .
3. cover your head with a plastic bag to product heat and make the oil penetrates into the scalp .
4 leave for around 20-30 minutes 2-3 times a week .
5 wash your hair as normal , just use less amount of shampoo preferably a natural shampoo for best results.

To repair damage hair 

Just follow all same steps but put it all over the hair make sure it cover from scalp to the hairs tips, it may be a little messy but thats how it works .

It can be use to any kind of hair or color , but it may turn a bit dark the blondy hair but is not permanent and also gray hair goes away .


Try to avoid agressive shampoo or treatment , use herbal or organic shamppo and conditioner.

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