Tuesday 4 October 2016

You've Got To Get Mad!

One thing that is important is to use your anger correctly, as one of the truths is that you are in a way alone too many seek council or leadership not knowing you are sovereign and you alone dictate your life, there is countless people who talk and talk and talk about what should be done how it should be done with no follow through which causes anger and frustration leading to a undesired result. Again example, we all have that friend we like to be around, and you made an agreement to go to the gym with them or they will help you to do something (I myself am thinking of one right now as I write this). But if they disappoint you, you may feel angered and let down which can lead you to saying, “ah I’m not going gym now”, or the most infamous “F**k them I don’t need any body” but again the truth is you wanted them around but they let you down and if you allow it, only you will be the one losing out if you let it happen. However, there is a silver lining if you just used that anger, and played a song that was consistent with that anger and went even more intense in the gym that negative has become a blessing. As that disappointment has become a fuel for you to use, “You can send your self positive affirmations to say I’m never going to let anyone kill my vibe or steal my happiness as some of are “greatest blessing are disguised are worse nightmares”. There are too many talks of what we should do and how we should do them even now writing this, the aim is for you to draw upon similar situations that work for you don’t just imitate mine, those are personal situations that worked for me, find what works for you as the purpose of Bloom Buddie is not to create parrots but thinkers and educate, in the correct way, education deriving from the Latin word educo- meaning to lead up, draw out, so to bring out the best in you. (I WANT YOU TO GET MAD AND BRING OU THE BEST IN YOU) As one thing is for sure the time for common sense has arisen and the truth is you are the change you want to be, if you no longer contacted that friends if they continued to disappoint, and you continue to grow and use that fuel again, you will slowly see progression in the gym, that was never there before if you had not been disappointed and your friend may see, that your making progress whilst they lack any and slowly but surely that friend will be coming to you for advice on the gym and calling you to come to the gym but don’t be the unwise and petty person and say no, to get your own back, but accept as the purpose was positive selfish act for you to gain and be better and your beauty in the pain was for you to benefit from. Be you as there will never anyone like you in history

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