Tuesday 4 October 2016

Everybody poops

The process of eliminating waste through going to the bathroom, is in important part of good health, and regular bowl movement is key, so if you’re not having regular bowl at least twice a day, then a change of diet is truly recommend as faecal matter can begin to harden in the body and begin to be even more difficult to eliminate. I recommend a herb to aid in constipation and promote good bowl movement and remove waste from the colon, which is called CASCARA SAGRADA which comes in a powder form to mix in hot water, which should begin to take effect in 4-6 hours. More over if you have a bathroom toilet like most western toilet then a simple stool to lift the legs higher to promote a more natural way, to pass faecal matter is advice as sitting at the wrong angel, can make faecal matter difficult to pass and can lead to piles, constipation and irritable bowl syndrome. See video link.

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