Tuesday 4 October 2016

Embrace the unpalatable truth

There is so many in my opinion false sense of hopes out there who blog, Instagram or YouTube on many matters, from health to society, to life coaching tips which seems to give advice that aren’t practical or unrealistic. Here at Bloom Buddie we do the upmost to try provide the unpalatable truth and be honest even if at times where it may come across as being hypocritical but I feel that the truth is so desperately need when the lie has become so popular and the truth is shrouded, in a ever elusive cloud of mystery making it quiet esoteric , for example despite being a alkaline vegan, I am consciously aware the the diet is EXTREMELY restrictive, and despite promoting the diet I have to be compassionate to those who eat a diet different to mine, and reason and sympathise with them and take into account that, diet is also deeply mental, some food can be nostalgic. There are many who say that being vegan is very easy, and those type of vegans who gain a status from saying “I only eat one meal a day as my meal is packed with nutrients” and naturally when a person feels as if they have the truth, they will look down upon another people who don’t (the truth being they have found the elixir of life which is a vegan or vegetarian diet) not knowing that because they have built there status so high (especially male vegans) that now the temptation of eating the odd “cheat meal” has lead them to delude themselves, as they have raised the bar of being a some what “superior vegan” that they no longer embrace the truth and now it is difficult to turn back now because pride and ego has sank in, and now even if they wanted the “cheat meal” they can not because of the fear of their peers to point out there inconsistency, by a statement such as “you cant eat that particular food as its not on your alkaline list”. So honesty is definitely apart of the diet and to speak about your temptations, and what you did to overcome your temptations as, I myself have been in situations just stated but its my honesty and sincerity that made me disclose my situation of temptation to eat the odd cake, (or two… possibly three) and fall of my diet briefly, but much like the proverbial phrase “what do you do when you fall of the horse… you get back on”(using CASCARA SAGRADA to detox). The same applies to diet and cheat meals, but the truth plays a valuable factor, the unpalatable truth not the fake, easy to digest truth that so many crave not realising it only has a quick immediate gratification where as the unpalatable truth which has a deferred long time gratification, its like a metaphor for religion if you sin (sin being diet) you ask for forgiveness from God (forgive yourself for eating bad). The irony is that those who seem themselves as “superior vegan” will state they are an expert in natural health on there blog, YouTube account etc and have images stating the benefits of eating carrots for example not knowing the carrot is not natural and only contains starch and sugar, so there is already conflicting ideas, the the truth is that health is a constant learning curve, with many variables such as are you getting enough sun, do you exercise as well, are you going to the bathroom enough, are you pooping right?, are you eating organically it’s a holistic approach and goes very deep. .

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