Wednesday 5 February 2014

The seed

Every plant that is made naturally has a seed, so that it can reproduce it self in a process called chemical affinity,  because the pollen caries the right balance and they join. The opposite of the natural process is where you cut a slither of the plant and take out the heart of the stem and place it into another plant and tape it and now the plant is no longer natural it is cultivated by man as is a hybrid and the natural molecular structure is incomplete. This is further evident as hybrid plants generally have no seed to reproduce themselves, so when there is no seed the plant is a hybrid, which is how you get fruits such as easy peel fruits, seedless grapes and carrots. The two most common hybrids are the orange and carrot. The orange is a hybrid of the pomelo and the mandrin, and the carrot is cultivated vegetable of the queens Anne's lace and the wild yam which is why both have no seeds to reproduce themselves as they are man made not naturally made.

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